What happened with the citizenship exam?

Minute of Immigration with Attorney Luis Virguez

** This segment aired on Telemundo Atlanta on March 31, 2021**


What happened with the citizenship exam?

Gaby: Friends, we welcome you to this, your Minute of Immigration with Attorney Luis Virguez from Virguez Law. Attorney, today we would like to know what has happened with the citizenship test.

Luis: Good news about the citizenship test! As we know and have previously talked about, the Trump administration wanted to change the citizenship test to 20 questions where you had to pass the majority of the questions and they also wanted to change the context of the questions making them a bit more complicated. The good thing is that under the new administration, we are going back to the old exam, where you only have to pass 6 out of the 10 questions they ask, and you also have to write a sentence. This is very good news, because obviously this is going back to the same level it used to be and you won’t have to learn certain questions that were more complicated.

Gaby: Definitely good news for everyone that has to take this exam and if you want to know more and extend your knowledge on this information, we invite you to visit the website that appears on the screen.


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