If I request a Tax ID, can it help my immigration case or will it jeopardize it?

Minute of Immigration with Attorney Luis Virguez

** This segment aired on Telemundo Atlanta on April 21, 2021**

Gaby: Hey friends! How are you doing and welcome to your space and your Minute of immigration with Attorney Luis Virguez from Virguez Law. Attorney, today we have a question from one of our viewers. They ask what if they request a Tax ID, would it help their immigration case or would it jeopardize it?

Luis: Having a Tax ID will definitely help your immigration case, because the government is going to want to know if you are being responsible and are paying your taxes. So, if you’re working inside of the country you need to demonstrate that you are paying taxes and if you do not have a social the best option is a Tax ID. That is going to help you if you have a hearing before the court and they will be judging whether or not you have good moral character. Obviously, if you are paying your taxes and are being responsible on that end that will be something positive towards your case. Therefore, always try to get a Tax ID and do not use a fake social security number.

Gaby: Thanks for clarifying this issue attorney. If you want to know more, please visit the website shown on the screen.

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