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Slip and fall accidents are very common. They can happen anywhere, from sidewalks to shopping malls, schools or playgrounds, or basically any place that is unsafe and may cause you to slip, trip or fall. Some of the causes of slip and fall accidents include wet floors, and uneven surfaces (loose mats or floorboards, damaged carpet, cluttered floors). In most cases, property owner’s irresponsible failure to provide a safe environment are referred to as a premises liability. Since it’s not your fault, you should be compensated by the negligent party. An Atlanta Slip and Fall Accident Attorney from Virguez Law will help you in evaluating your case by assessing the value of your claim and fighting for maximum compensation.

Most Common Slip and Fall Accidents

Accidents can happen in different shapes and forms and injuries can range from minor to severe or even deadly, in some cases. Some of the most common slip and fall accidents include:

Broken Bones, Soft Tissue Injuries, Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs), Hip Fractures. Sprained Ankles or Wrists, Cuts and Abrasions, Back and Spinal Cord Injuries, Shoulder or Neck Injury.

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What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

1. Get Medical Treatment Right Away

The number one priority after a slip and fall accident is your health. Your doctor will evaluate and document your injuries and recommend a protocol to follow. These medical records are key and will be required if filing a slip and fall accident claim.

2. Check your Surroundings and Document Everything

Inspect the area where you slipped and fell. Take pictures of the exact location and of the object that might have caused you to fall such as wet floors, uneven surfaces, and icy patches and document the sequence of events. Write down what you were doing before the accident took place and how you fell, as well as the date and time. If there were any potential witnesses, you will want to collect their names and contact details, since their statements could be used as evidence when filing a lawsuit.

3. Report the Accident

Regardless of where the slip and fall accident takes place, you need to report it. If it happens at a public place like a store, you will want to report it to a manager and fill out an accident report. If it happens at someone’s house, you will want to report it to the owner or landlord and document it and make sure you get a copy of the report.

4. Remain Calm

Bruises, cuts and broken arms or legs can be obvious results of your fall, however some medical conditions develop much later. Avoid discussing details of your fall and how you feel. Don’t post pictures or details on social media and don’t engage in conversations with your insurance company until you have talked with your Slip and Fall Accident Attorney.

5. Call a Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

Slip and fall accidents settlement amounts vary by case and you will benefit greatly by allowing our attorneys to represent you. At Virguez Law we have managed many slip and fall accidents. Our attorneys have experience and knowledge to deal with insurance companies and providers to maximize your compensation while you recover from your injuries.

Did you know?

According to the CDC, injuries suffered in slip and fall accidents lead to 9 million emergency room visits every year, representing the leading cause of visits (21%)

Fractures are the most serious consequences of falls and occur in 5% of all people who fall.

Slips and falls do not constitute a primary cause of fatal occupational injuries, but represent the primary cause of lost days from work.

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