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“As an international business attorney, I often encounter issues regarding immigration law that our outside the scope of my expertise. I have sought the counsel of Luis Virgüez on these matters which has both increased my understanding on these issues and provided valuable insight for the legal services I can provide global clients.”

Alexander Bachuwa

“I prompted Mr. Virgüez for legal advice regarding a confidential personal injury case with one of my employees. His timely response, courteous and straight-shooting approach made me feel at ease, and allowed me to approach my particular situation in a very professional manner.”


“I feel grateful to be in this country because of Attorney Virgüez and that he gave me the opportunity to stay here and to stay close to my family… He was always honest with me about the good or bad parts of my case and he was always very respectful to me as a client. I feel incredibly grateful for all of his services and for how much he helped me.”


“I feel grateful to be in The judge told me that he was amazed at the work that had been done for my case in so little time, and that I should be incredibly thankful to Attorney Virgüez, without him I would probably still be in jail away from my husband and my children.”

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Expect Excellence

At Virgüez and Associates we are pleased to have earned the trust of other local attorneys who have relied on us for years, to take good care of their clients. If you find yourself working with a client who’s needs are outside of your realm of expertise, consider referring them to our firm. When you refer a case to Virgüez & Associates,  you can expect us to do everything in our power to create a seamless experience for your customer.  Our team is know for being sensitive to customer needs and concerns. We will provide your clients with the same level of professionalism they would expect from you.  We will also provide you with regular updates so you can stay informed.

Refer Immigration Cases to Our Team

Virgüez & Associates is dedicated to serving the Atlanta immigrant community.  Our staff is multilingual and sensitive to the nuances or working with different immigrant community cultures. In fact, our staff is pleased to provide a positive experience for a diverse group of clients by communicating with them in their native language of Spanish, French and Portugese. Our founder and lead counsel, Luis Virgüez is established in the community as a trusted advisor when it comes to immigration law. In fact, he is often cited as an expert commentator for Spanish language media outlets such as Telemundo and Mundo Hispanico. His track record in Atlanta as a talented immigration attorney that is genuinely invested in the community have helped bad the practice into what it is today.

You can define your role in each case

At Virgüez & Associates we respect the relationship between you and your clients and let you dictate how involved you are in each case. You can decide on a case by case basis if you want to manage all or partial communications with your client. We are also please to make arrangements for a referral fees that are fair and conducive to a long term relationship between our firm and yours.

Our office is conveniently located in Norcross near the Jimmy Carter exit on 85. We would be honored to welcome you into our office to discuss how we can help you grow your practice by referring clients to Virgüez & Associates. We would also be happy to come to meet with you in your office.

Please call us any time at (678) 771-6846 or fill out the form on this page and one of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible to schedule a date and time that works for everyone.

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