Tips to Avoid Getting Pulled Over

At Virgüez & Associates, we are have noticed that the number of arrests that lead to deportations has increased Gwinnett county. Many of the arrests seem to occur after a driver is pulled over and is found to be driving without a license. Once a driver is found to be driving without a license they are likely to be questioned about their immigration status. Authorities know that people who have not established their residency or citizenship do not qualify to get a driver’s license. So once they arrest someone for this particular traffic violation, they tend to flag as possible candidates for deportation.

We have urged all of our clients and friends who have not established their residency or citizenship not to drive without a license. However, we understand that sometimes it feels like there is no other option.

Driving without a license should be avoided at all times however if you find yourself behind the wheel without a license the second best thing you can do if avoid being pulled over. We have identified the three top reason why people get pulled over in the Atlanta area.

Tinted Windows:

If you are in a vehicle with tinted windows, make sure the tint is within legal limits. Here in Georgia, the limit is 35% or below.  If your windows are tinted at or beyond this legal limit, you may get pulled over. In fact, we recommend removing any window tints completely to avoid attracting negative attention. Tinted windows give officers an easy excuse to pull you over.

Broken Tail Lights:

Make sure that all of your lights are working. Broken tail lights offer another easy excuse for officers to pull you over. We recommend checking your lights before getting on the road, even if you are only driving during the day. If a tail light or brake light is not in working order it can attract negative attention any time of day.


Obey all traffic laws to avoid being pulled over. Speeding is one of the most common infractions. You need to pay close attention to road signs so you can adjust your speed accordingly as the limits can change as frequently as every few miles. If your speed is above or even below the limit, you can get pulled over.

We have provided these tips as precautionary steps that you can take, to avoid being pulled over. However, we understand that things happen and want to remind you that we are here to help. If you find yourself arrested or detained for driving without a license, you have the right not to incriminate yourself. You can politely ask to remain silent and to request an attorney.


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