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An Immigration Attorney is not all you need. Our team is fully bilingual. Just like you, we also migrated from different parts of the world. We came to the US hoping to discover greater opportunities, looking for freedom and wishing to have a better life, education and employment, and we succeeded.

You and your family can also achieve the America Dream. Will you let us be your bridge?

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Protecting the rights of our people and their families, Virguez Law is one of the best Atlanta Immigration Law Firms in the US. Our team has helped thousands of individuals to unite with their families and stay together through some of the most current and challenging immigration scenarios including:

Removal / Deportation Defense
Our Immigration Attorneys offer personalized legal representation for immigrants in Removal proceedings (typically conducted in an Immigration Court by an Immigration Judge).
Green Cards / Naturalization or Citizenship
Legal representation for US residents and citizens who want to petition a qualifying family member or for companies that want to sponsor employees.
Legal assistance for immigrants who are victims of family violence, crimes, or those who have TPS or DACA.
Non-Immigrant Visas (Temporary Visas)
Legal assistance for immigrants seeking to enter the United States for a short period of time; whether is for tourism, business, education, medical treatment or certain types of temporary work.

Our founder, Luis A Virguez, often contributes expert insights on the impact of legislation on local Atlanta media outlets such as TV, Radio, Newspapers and social Media. 

On the Internet you will see many offers from individuals that pretend to be the best immigration attorneys. They offer free consultations to fill out immigration forms and act as if they were a real attorney or a reputable law firm. Many of these people who accept this type of help eventually end up in our office asking for our professional help. These people become victims of fraud or their documents are submitted to the immigration office with big mistakes that result in delays or even permanent damage to their case. In occasions, the client will have to pay filing fees once again because the government doesn’t really care that mistakes were done on the client’s behalf. Thus adding more frustration and aggravation to the process.

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Juan B

Excellent attorneys, from the best in Georgia. They resolved my cases with professionalism and now I live happily with my family and with no problems. Highly recommend them.

Raydi M

Attorney Virguez is one of the best Atlanta attorneys. He and his team are very responsible, but above all they really care about the well-being of people.

Sorelvis V

Excellent experience. They are very kind to their clients. 100% recommended. During the entire process, I had a very good communication with everyone at the office.

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