“As an international business attorney, I often encounter issues regarding immigration law that our outside the scope of my expertise. I have sought the counsel of Luis Virgüez on these matters which has both increased my understanding on these issues and provided valuable insight for the legal services I can provide global clients.”

Alexander Bachuwa

“I prompted Mr. Virgüez for legal advice regarding a confidential personal injury case with one of my employees. His timely response, courteous and straight-shooting approach made me feel at ease, and allowed me to approach my particular situation in a very professional manner.”


“I feel grateful to be in this country because of Attorney Virgüez and that he gave me the opportunity to stay here and to stay close to my family… He was always honest with me about the good or bad parts of my case and he was always very respectful to me as a client. I feel incredibly grateful for all of his services and for how much he helped me.”


“I feel grateful to be in The judge told me that he was amazed at the work that had been done for my case in so little time, and that I should be incredibly thankful to Attorney Virgüez, without him I would probably still be in jail away from my husband and my children.”

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