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At Virguez Law, we not only provide legal guidance but also share our personal immigration experience in the United States. We understand the struggles and aspirations of those seeking the American Dream. As your advocates, we are here to pave your way in the United States and turn your dreams into reality. Trust us in your pursuit of the American Dream!
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All Immigration Categories We Have for You

Our team, enriched with cultural diversity and bilingual competence, goes beyond the mere provision of legal services. We act as an essential link between cultures and legal systems, recognizing that migration in the United States is a unique and personal journey. Our mission is to understand your specific goals and needs.

In addition to providing solid legal advice, we offer emotional and cultural support. We are here to address your doubts, alleviate your concerns, and guide you at every step of the immigration process in the United States. We recognize that achieving the American Dream can be a challenge, but we are convinced that with the right guidance, your perseverance, and our knowledge, it is an achievable goal.

Deportation Defense:
Our Immigration Attorneys are dedicated to providing personalized legal representation for immigrants facing the deportation process, usually in an Immigration Court before an Immigration Judge.
  • Deportation Cancellation: We tirelessly fight for deportation cancellation.
  • Bond Hearing: We advocate for the release of detained immigrants.
Green Card/Residency or Citizenship
We provide legal representation for people seeking a future in the United States.
  • Consular Process: We advise on consular processes for immigrant visas.
  • Adjustment of Status: We help adjust your status to a legal resident.
  • Waivers: We offer guidance on waiver applications.
Humanitarian Visas
We provide legal assistance to immigrants who are victims of domestic violence, crimes, or beneficiaries of TPS, or DACA (Deferred Action).
  • VAWA: We advocate for victims of family abuse.
  • U-Visa: We assist crime victims cooperating with authorities.
  • T-Visa: We represent victims of human trafficking.
  • TPS / EAD: We support beneficiaries of TPS (Temporary Protected Status) and DACA.
Visas de No Inmigrante (Visas Temporales):
Ofrecemos asesoramiento legal a inmigrantes que buscan ingresar a los Estados Unidos por cortos períodos, ya sea por turismo, negocios, educación, atención médica o ciertos trabajos temporales.
  • B1-B2 visa: Facilitamos visas de turismo y negocios.
  • R-Visas: Ayudamos con visas religiosas.
  • K-Visas: Asesoramos en visas para prometidos y cónyuges.
  • F-Visas: Orientamos sobre las visas de estudiante.
  • J-Visas: Brindamos apoyo con visas de intercambio.
At Virguez Law, we understand that immigration is a personal and unique experience. We are a team that combines legal skills with deep respect for cultural diversity. We are here to defend your rights and protect your interests in your pursuit of the American Dream in the United States. Remember, having a reliable immigration attorney is crucial from the beginning to avoid legal problems, errors in form submissions, and potential fraud. At Virguez Law, we support you at every step of the immigration process and empower you with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions that benefit your future in the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

Deportation cancellation is a legal process that allows certain immigrants to avoid deportation and obtain permanent residency. Requirements vary but generally include continuous residence time, good moral character, and qualifying relatives.
United States offers several humanitarian visas, such as VAWA for abuse victims, U-Visa for crime victims, T-Visa for human trafficking victims, and DACA (Deferred Action) for young immigrants. Each has specific requirements.
The adjustment of status process allows certain immigrants to change their non-immigrant status to legal residents. Generally, this is achieved through a family member or employer sponsoring the application.
B1-B2 visas for tourism and business, R-visas for religious purposes, K-visas for fiancés and spouses, F-visas for students, and J-visas for exchange visitors are some of the temporary visa options in the United States.
An experienced immigration attorney can provide solid legal advice, prevent errors in form submissions, guard against fraud, and help you understand your rights and options. Having a reliable immigration attorney is crucial for a successful immigration process.

success stories:

At Virguez Law, we believe that each story is unique and deserves personalized attention. Over the years, we have had the privilege of assisting the community in hundreds of personal injury and immigration cases. Here, we share some of their inspiring success stories, where determination meets our legal expertise to achieve justice.
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