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We are living unprecedented times, money is tight and uncertainty seems to permeate the air. However, it’s in our readers’ best interest to be informed in order to make wise decisions in regards to this topic. Have you heard the phrase: “You get what you pay for”?

On the Internet you will see many offers from individuals that pretend to be the best immigration attorneys. They offer free consultations to fill out immigration forms and act as if they were a real attorney or a reputable law firm. Many of these people who accept this type of help eventually end up in our office asking for our professional help.

These people become victims of fraud or their documents are submitted to the immigration office with big mistakes that result in delays or even permanent damage to their case. In occasions, the client will have to pay filing fees once again because the government doesn’t really care that mistakes were done on the client’s behalf. Thus adding more frustration and aggravation to the process.

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Although is very important to save money, you also need to consider many factors when trying to hire legal help from which your future depends in this country. In this short article we share with our readers 5 practical tips to consider when searching for the best immigration attorneys

  1. Make sure your attorney specializes in immigration. The immigration field is very complex, and the laws change frequently. Thus, you will need an attorney who can stay up-to-date with these changes. If you want to submit a family petition, or request a work permit, or maybe you need representation in court, then the best approach is to look for an attorney that specializes in these areas. 

  2. Once you obtain the name of an attorney, check their credentials (the Bar Association is a good place to start). You can see the testimonials shared by current or past clients by searching on Google, social media or even professional sites like Avvo. 

  3. When you contact the firm, ask if they have managed cases like yours. 

  4. The size of the firm matters. Most of the large firms delegate their cases to paralegals, and even though this is acceptable initially, you want to make sure your case is vetted by an attorney who is an expert in this area. This attorney will not only check all the details of your case with his team, but will also organize the evidence and sign your documents. After all, since you are hiring one of the best immigration attorneys in town, your attorney needs to personally get involved. 

  5. Look for an attorney who speaks your language and who shares your cultural background. We all have seen ads with many attorneys who claim to speak our language, but in reality that is not the case. They learn a couple of phrases to connect with the audience, but they don’t speak the language at all, much less know about the culture. Someone who speaks your native language and who’s Latin like you will understand your case better because they certainly have more common ground with you. 

Friend, now you know. Finding the cheapest solution is not always the best. Your case, and your future in this country depend heavily on this individual and the level of assistance you receive. When you are in need of a medical procedure for a serious condition you research and make sure you get help from the best. You don’t want a doctor who barely passed in medical school and who has negligently treated patients. Similarly, obtaining legal help from a professional law firm will help you navigate the complicated world of Immigration and avoid mistakes that can be costly. If you come across an attorney who meets the criteria described above and who also offers free consultations, then congratulations! You’re on the right track. Your future already looks better.

If you want to learn more about Virguez Law and our professional Immigration Services, please visit our Immigration page at You may also learn more about our attorneys, their work experience and credentials by clicking here We are also very active on the social networks and offer practical tips, share testimonials from previous clients and provide some general advice that you might find helpful.

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