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Who pays medical bills after a car accident?

After a car accident, our minds start coming up with many questions. For instance, who will pay all the bills for your recovery costs, those of other passengers, and those for the people in the other vehicle?

Suppose you crashed into another vehicle or truck, and you can demonstrate that the other driver was to blame for the accident that hurt you. In that case, that person will be responsible for paying for everyone’s damages. This means that they’ll use the guilty party’s insurance policy.

As long as the guilty driver has an insurance policy with enough coverage, they’ll be able to take care of your medical expenses and recovery. In addition, having a competent Atlanta accident attorney will ensure you don’t have any major issues.

If you were part of a hit-and-run accident and you weren’t able to locate or recall any information that might help identify the guilty party, you’ll likely be able to cover the cost of the damages, at least partly, if you have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

Georgia law demands that all drivers have a car insurance minimum of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident for damages and personal injuries. It also asks for a civil responsibility policy that covers damage to property with a minimum coverage of $25,000.

Nevertheless, we often find ourselves in situations where the guilty party doesn’t want to admit their fault. In most cases, if there is a discussion over who’s to blame, even if the guilty person is injured or dead, it’s necessary to evaluate the evidence and if there is any responsibility to assign to the victim. Aggravating circumstances and grounds for exemptions are both analyzed if they exist. First, it has to be determined if either party was driving under the influence of any substances such as drugs or alcohol, if drivers respected speed limits, and if there’s a third party involved, along with other circumstances that are looked at before assigning responsibility for the accident. Various factors can prevent an agreement from being reached with the opposing party, their insurance company, and their lawyers.

Many cases can go to court to determine each party’s responsibility. But what happens while it’s figured out? Who covers the medical expenses? How do you receive the medical treatment you need if the insurance company hasn’t paid out, hasn’t made an offer, or you haven’t accepted it yet?

If you need medical treatment, you can’t wait. Medical intervention, therapy, surgery, or even funeral costs if the person that passed away must be covered immediately.

Don’t get flustered; we’ll explain what options you have available. It’s crucial that you seek the counsel of your car accident attorney, as they’ll recommend professionals that will be able to tend to you and provide the services you need while you reach an agreement to resolve your case in court.

These are your options:

  1. If you have health insurance, you should use it immediately to cover your treatment, and you’ll be able to charge it to the guilty driver’s insurance company. It’s possible that you’ll have to show the claim is already being processed, that you sought legal counsel properly to assign responsibility to the driver at fault, and that the insurance company of the guilty party will do a reimbursement as soon as an agreement is reached. Still, you’ll receive medical attention as long as you have insurance.

We know you always hope to use the guilty driver’s insurance policy. Still, if you need medical attention and treatment before your case gets resolved, your accident attorney will likely advise you to use your insurance and then ask for reimbursement once your case is closed. Otherwise, you’ll have to use your savings and other financing options, which will cost you more in the long run.

  1. If you don’t have health insurance, speak to your attorney immediately.Your Atlanta accident attorney will have experience in this type of situation. An accident attorney will have an entire team to work with and can recommend medical professionals that will take care of your case even without insurance.

At Virguez Law, we have a different system that allows you to receive medical treatment under the condition that it’ll be paid later once your case is closed. This will be the case whether an outside agreement is reached or the final decision is made in court.

A lot of the time, this is the only option available for people who don’t have health insurance. Otherwise, you might have to resort to taking out a loan, financing, or reaching out to an organization that provides a type of financial aid.

Sometimes, it’s possible to find help or coverage through state insurance or plans such as Medicaid. This coverage will depend on your age and other conditions, and if you qualify, we’ll advise you on how to proceed and where to start the process to help you qualify for or obtain coverage.

At Virguez Law, we not only help you with the legal side of things, but we also make sure that you receive the medical treatment you need, protect the evidence, and watch over your speedy recovery and health until you can reclaim your life. Also, we work with excellent professionals specializing in the most common traffic accident injuries. So, you can count on us!

If one of the insurance companies contacts you to charge you or ask for payment before you reach an agreement, make sure to ask them to speak directly with your accident attorney. Making a deal with an insurance company, even your own, without legal assistance is a big mistake.

The same happens when you have multiple insurance policies or even when the driver at fault has several insurance policies that could provide coverage. It becomes a type of contest where your accident attorney will be able to determine what’s the most convenient policy. Your accident attorney’s job is to determine which policies must cover everyone’s medical treatment and determine how much can be afforded. Don’t trust the insurance company to make this decision; always consult your attorney, as they’ll tell you how to get the best coverage and give you the proper counseling to reap the most benefits.

You’ll often feel pressured or even desperate; however, you should talk to your attorney first, or you could risk losing out on receiving better medical treatment or a higher offer. In the case that your pain and injuries continue for an extended period of time, making your own agreement may prevent you from making claims based on long-term damage that wasn’t known or considered at the time.  Let yourself be counseled by the very best and receive the compensation you deserve.

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