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Immigrate to the United States: We Help You Obtain Residency in the USA

i 485 application to register permanent residence

The United States immigration process is very complex. Many procedures, rules, and exceptions make filling out documents to obtain residency in the USA difficult, even for the most astute and educated individuals. When it comes to something as important as your U.S. residency, it’s best to trust an experienced immigration attorney. 

Just one piece of missing or inaccurate information can delay the process tremendously. Even the slightest mistake in a green card or visa application can lead to year-long delays or the denial of your request. 

An immigration attorney will help you understand your rights and guide you through the United States immigration process. The attorneys at Virguez Law know firsthand how complex the United States immigration process can be because they were once in the same position as you. The team at Virguez Law immigrated to America for greater possibilities and a better life, education, and job opportunities.

As a fully bilingual team, who migrated from different parts of the world, the attorneys at Virguez Law not only speak your language, they understand your concerns, your culture, and your case.

Virguez Law can help you obtain your residency in the United States. We will handle all of the necessary steps to streamline the immigration process, so you can minimize the time and effort it takes to obtain your residency. Here are a few ways an immigration attorney will help with your United States immigration.

The first thing the attorneys at Virguez Law will do is determine your eligibility. Once you have a sponsor, you will provide valid evidence of your status, relationship, and employment. A sponsor is typically a family member who is a legal permanent U.S. resident or a citizen and is at least 21 years of age. You can also seek sponsorship through your employer if you have a sought-after skill that sets you apart and makes you a valuable asset to the job market. 

We also make sure you are eligible for lawful permanent residence. To prepare for your United States immigration, your attorney will prepare the paperwork and file it on your behalf. This alone will save you many hours. Your attorney will also compile your information and gather it to present your story to U.S. government officials. 

Your status is in the hands of government officials, so crafting a compelling story for your United States immigration is of utmost importance. Inconsistencies and inaccurate information on forms lead to monumental problems. While preventing some delays and unforeseen circumstances is nearly impossible, our immigration attorneys can help keep them to a minimum. 

Obtaining your U.S. residency is challenging, even in ideal circumstances. However, if you’ve had any complications leading up to obtaining your citizenship or have been convicted of a crime, obtaining residence in the USA is even more challenging, which means it’s more prudent to seek legal help. Some of the instances that make it even more important to hire an immigration attorney include:

  • Committed or convicted of a crime
  • Tried to obtain residency on your own and are having issues
  • Have an application that has been denied
  • Been waiting an unreasonably long time for a response.
  • Divorced your U.S. spouse 

At Virguez Law, we want to help you reach your United States immigration goal. We are always happy to help our clients obtain their dreams, and as a fully bilingual team, we speak your language. Call to schedule a consultation at 678-300-0000.

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