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Judge Prevents the Trump Administration from Deporting Immigrants

Last Wednesday, October 17, the US District Judge. In the United States, Edward Chen ordered the Trump administration to temporarily suspend its plan to finalize a special federal immigration program (TPS) that has allowed hundreds of thousands of immigrants to live and work legally in the United States for many years.

Judge Ruling 

The judge ruled that the administration may have changed the federal guidelines for the elaboration of norms that impose undue political pressure on immigrant employees, violates the Equal Protection Clause by basing its decision on “on animus against non-white, non-European immigrants. “This means that it is imposing sanctions against immigrants but not people of color and non-Europeans.

Affected Countries 

Within some of the countries included in this program, we have El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Sudan. The judge argues that this pressure and decision that President Trump has to end the program could harm not only the beneficiaries of the current agenda but also the communities in which these immigrants live. Additionally, the economic losses could be of a gigantic magnitude since many of the beneficiaries work in companies where the processes would not have the capacity to immediately replace their work.

TPS program will continue

For the time being, the TPS program will continue, despite the initiatives to complete it. This ruling is the last blow to the administration of President Donald Trump who has tried to reform the country’s immigration laws. As immigration lawyers in Atlanta, we recognize that the administration of the president has caused difficulties for Hispanic immigrants in Georgia. However, these events at the national level offer hope for undocumented people in all parts of the country.

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