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Belcky Virguez

Internal Control Manager

Belcky Virguez is the Internal Control Manager at Virguez Law. In her role, she plays an essential role in ensuring that the firm operates efficiently and meets the highest standards of quality in all aspects of its operations.

With her dedication and expertise, Belcky works on overseeing compliance with established regulations and guidelines, as well as identifying opportunities to improve internal procedures and workflows.

She collaborates closely with all departments of the firm, ensuring excellence in the delivery of legal services. Her meticulous attention to detail and commitment to continuous improvement are crucial to ensuring that Virguez Law fulfills its promises and maintains customer satisfaction.

As part of the leadership team, Belcky Virguez shares Virguez Law’s vision of serving the community and being a positive force for change in Georgia. Her contribution is a crucial pillar for the success and continuous growth of the firm, and her focus on internal control is essential for maintaining the integrity and quality of the services offered.

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